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A freelance editor and translator trained in colonial Latin American history and art history at the University of Pennsylvania, I worked in Penn’s Writing Across the University Program and was a Wharton Omicron Writing Fellow. I’ve written and edited my way through a career in marketing, higher education, K-12, museums, and technology. I curated the C.R.I.B. art collection for a youth development organization in Camden, NJ. I’ve conducted art and archival research in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe, some of it as a Fulbright-Hays fellow in Guatemala City. I live in the country, where I write, experiment with technology, ferment stuff, keep chickens, and navigate piles of books. I walk, bike, and kayak NJ’s amazing state and county parks. I work and play on social media. I’m passionate (never snooty) about great writing. I’ll help you say what you have to say in clear, polished prose.
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