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Community Presentations at Symantec Week! Hopeworks Newsletter August 2014

“Ideas Come To Life” as Hopeworks Trainees Build Personal Websites Hopeworks Newsletter July 2014

Cut to the Heart  Living Faith April 2014

In His Presence Living Faith April 2014

Learning to Learn, Learning to Trust  Hopeworks Blog March 2014

An All-Too-Human Rock   Living Faith, February 2014

Quick to Hear, Slow to Speak  Living Faith, February 2014

A Dozen Days at Hopeworks     Hopeworks Newsletter Jan. 2014; forthcoming as a reprint in The Catholic Star Herald, TBD

Expressing the Inexpressible  Living Faith October 2013

A Work in Progress  Living Faith October 2013

The Daily Muse:
164 shares on social media as of November 2013.

Rare and Strange Encounters of the Curators’ Kind  The Ultimate History Project

Sprightly Sage (from the Spice Kitchen, a book project I contributed to)

(with Amy Ackerman, Ericka Pitman, and Michelle Wendt) “Using Visuals to Deepen Learning in Assessments.” in New Horizons in Visual Literacy: Selected Readings.  International Visual Literacy Association, 2012


Chalkboard PirateBonney,_Anne_(1697-1720)

BOOKS I’VE CONTRIBUTED TO as author or editor:

The Arts in Latin America, 1492-1820.  Yale University PressRevelaciones

Revelaciones: Las Artes in América Latina, 1492-1820. Fondo de Cultura Económica

New Horizons in Visual Literacy: Selected Readings of the International Visual Literacy Association


Victor M. Quintana, “Twenty Years after the Treaty that Triggered the Violence.”  Americas Program, Translation of  “A veinte años del Tratado que disparó las violencias,” Feb. 2014.

Gabriela Ramos (2013). Indian Hospitals and Government in the Colonial Andes. Medical History, 57, pp 186-205. doi:10.1017/mdh.2012.102.

Gabriela Ramos, “Pastoral Inspection Visits as Spaces of Negotiation in Andean Parishes.” The Americas, forthcoming

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